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Dress attire for dancers is black leotard, tights, Soffe (cheerleading) shorts, or dance capris. No tank tops, sweat pants, or loose fitting clothing is permitted this year. Proper dance footwear is required. No bare feet permitted under any circumstances, unless for gymnastics. Gentlemen may wear fitted workout shirt and workout pants that are hemmed appropriately. Hair must be pulled back and in a pony-tail, or half pony tail. NO BANGS! Examples are shown to the right:

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Lighthouse Dance Company Class Offerings

Creative Movement(2-3yrs)Motor skill development, 30 min class
Petite Combo(4-6yrs)Ballet/Jazz, 45 min class
Petite Tap(4-6yrs)30 min class
Junior Combo(7-9yrs)Ballet/Jazz, 45 min class
Junior Tap(7-9yrs)30 min class
Pre-teen Ballet(10-12yrs)30 min class
Pre-teen Tap(10-12yrs)30 min class
Pre-teen Jazz(10-12yrs)30 min class (ballet prerequisite)
Teen Ballet(13+yrs)30 min class
Teen Tap(13+yrs)30 min class
Teen Jazz(13+yrs)30 min class (ballet prerequisite)
Turns and Leaps(ages 7+yrs)High focus technique (30 min class)
Tumbling 1(5-6yrs)30 min class
Cheer Routine 1(5-6yrs)30 min class (tumbling prerequisite)
Tumbling 2(7-9yrs)30 min class
Cheer Routine 2(7-9yrs)30 min class (tumbling prerequisite)
Tumbling 3(10-12yrs)30 min class
Cheer Routine 3(10-12yrs)30 min class (tumbling prerequisite)
Tumbling 4(13+yrs)30 min class
Cheer Routine 4(13+yrs)30 min class (tumbling prerequisite)

Additional Classes

Additional classes offered based on student demand (age groups will be based on above dance classes):
Hip Hop
Ball Room
Musical Theatre

**All classes will be limited to 10 students per class

**All Classes must have at least 3 students enrolled, otherwise class will be cancelled for the semester